Dentist to Volunteer for 2 months in our Clinics

September, 2018

Recently graduated Dentist, Dr. Felix Han from South Korea has volunteered in our clinics including the mobile for over 2 months, the longest ever by a volunteer dentist.

“Our skills and knowledge shouldn’t be used blindly as a simple tool of earning money. I never realized this clearly the fact that there are a countless number of people in our society needing our help. Help shouldn’t be limited to providing a dental service to the society, but some courage of sharing of your good qualities. As same as providing dental care to the children, I witnessed their enthusiasm and improvement after my short stint in teaching English. I strongly believe that the experience of being a volunteer at Kampot will forge me to become a better person than yesterday” said Dr. Han.

Youraid likes to thank Dr. Han for his valuable time at our clinics.

Our dental clinics are now known amongst the dental community in many western countries. In the last few years, over 100 dentists, dental assistants from Australia, The UK, Scotland, Ireland, France, South Korea and Germany have volunteered in our clinics.


 I love seeing the joy on the faces of the children when we show up at their schools”

– Australian Volunteer Jasmine Durbidge of Club 500.
Jasmine has been supporting BLCP education projects, especially our mobile libraries with her group CLUB 500 in the last 3 years.

Club 500 has completed a number of additional projects including – wash and tooth brushing facilities at remote schools, 2nd hand laptop donations, building a preschool in a remote province, mobile computer classes, new houses for poor families, reading glasses for students, and their yearly Christmas Bike and Food Package.

“I have so many memorable moments as a result of my involvement with BLCP. Traveling for hours in tuk-tuks on red dirt roads wondering where on earth we could be going only to arrive at remote schools and villages in places that you most certainly would not find on a map. Making lifelong friends, who I affectionately refer to as my Cambodian family and sharing my Cambodian experiences with family and friends and having some of these people visit Kampot with me and see first-hand the difference that we can make by all working together, are a few to be mentioned.

Above all, BLCP has an amazing staff in Cambodia who works tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of the Children” says Jasmine.

“BLCP teachers and librarians love their job” 

– French librarian Celin Vidal

Celin volunteered for 5 months in our English classes and mostly with the mobile library managed by our librarian Nuon Chanthol. “ I was really glad to share Chantol’s experience and read books to the children. I have been to Mr. Suon Vanna’s English class many times to read books and talk with the students.

Once I have met all BLCP’s librarians for an interesting training day. They all love their job and work hard to promote reading. BLCP helps the children to have a better knowledge and education to improve their future. Hope I can come back next year” said Celin.


The story of Codie Abley

Cody volunteered at Youraid funded Buddhist Library Cambodia Project in September 2017 as a trained Dental Assistant. This is what she said about her experience with BLCP.

“What an amazing experience the last 2 weeks have been. The Dental staff at BLCP went above and beyond to make me feel at home, comfortable, and most of all to enjoy myself! Traditional Cambodian meals, learning about the culture and the organization, getting to know the staff, a night out in the beautiful countryside, getting to be on the other side of the dental chair, and getting to work on many beautiful children! Thank you so much, everyone! Won’t forget this.”